Upcoming Reptile Expos!!!

Stop by to visit us in person at a local Reptile Expo!
Have a Meet & Greet with your favorite animals
Check out our Show Only Sales!!!
A great experience for the reptile enthusiast
Show dates are subject to change. Please message us with any questions, or to schedule an animal pickup.

March: 3/2 Carlisle PA, 3/10 Brentwood LI, 3/17 NEPA- Scranton PA, 3/23 Oaks PA


April: 4/6 Lebanon, 4/13 Hamburg PA, 4/21 White Plains NY

May: 5/18 Nassau NY, 5/19 Capital Dist NY

June: 6/8 Hamburg PA, 6/15 Carlisle PA

July: 7/7 NEPA Scranton PA, 7/13 Oaks PA, 7/14 White Plains NY

August: 8/10 Hamburg PA, 8/17 Carlisle PA

September: 9/7 Oaks PA, 9/8 White Plains NY, 9/14 Lebanon PA, 9/22 Capital Dist NY

October: 10/6 Brentwood LI ,10/19 Hamburg PA, 10/27 Mid-Hudson NY


November: 11/2 Carlisle PA, 11/9 Gettysburg PA, 11/10 NEPA - Scranton PA, 11/23 Oaks PA, 11/24 White Plains NY

December : 12/7 Hamburg PA, 12/14 Lebanon PA